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Smart companies

Create new business opportunities and efficient processes with innovative IT

In order to have a proper effect in the business, more is required than just the right type of technology and applications with the right functions. New or changed working methods are often required. Become a more efficient organization with new modern working methods, the right information structure and seamless digital services that make your organization as efficient as possible - in and outside the office.

Share information in a smart way and collaborate more effectively

More efficient processes with the right tools

Today, companies work less and less in isolation and increasingly in teams or horizontally between departments. When we have to do more work in less time, employees need to be able to collaborate more effectively in various processes. Do you and your employees find the information you need in your daily work? Do you have access to your shared documents, at any time and regardless of where you are? Are your salespeople, procurement department and finance department in sync and working effectively together? 


IXX helps you create more efficient communication, for example through modern cloud services and applications that make it possible to increase your productivity, improve your communication. We help you create an effective information structure that creates the conditions for safe and smoother collaboration, within groups and between individuals.

By breaking down silos and working together more closely, you can focus on your development. Smarter tools like Dynamics 365 can help you create better decision analytics tools to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Make the most of technology

We guide you along the way

Investing in technology that is not used properly is neither profitable nor efficient. The change management process is essential for new working methods to be successful. We provide training and support to your employees throughout the change process.

We make the change a positive and fun process with a method that creates desire and a positive feeling in the employees. We're confident in our ability to implement technology and applications successfully, so that new working methods are adopted and integrated throughout the organization.

Identify future ways of working

Work integrated across departments

Technology and applications are important, however, they're not everything. To truly succeed, businesses need to focus on people and processes as well. Since your company is constantly moving forward in some direction, it demands that the IT is sustainable and future-proof.

IXX helps you identify which technology and which new modern working methods the organization needs to best stimulate your development and secure future needs and business opportunities. Here, the information structure is absolutely crucial for success, because the structure is what creates the conditions for how information is shared.

It is also important to get a clear overview of the business with a smart business platform that is synchronized with other parts of the business. By working in an integrated manner with IT, sales, finance, procurement and other important parts of your business, you can create an edge over your competitors and not miss opportunities that can streamline and generate new business. 

Evaluate new technology and business opportunities

Create an edge in the competition for revenue and talent

What is certain is that both your environment and the possibilities of technology are constantly changing. You need to continuously evaluate your investments and how IT supports your situation today and tomorrow. Being a modern business that is up to date, not least in IT and technology, is today also a competitive factor when it comes to attracting the best talent and retaining its employees.


IXX's committed and proactive working methods mean that we constantly stay up to date with digital developments as well as changes in your organization and the world around us. We have no other interest than to equip you with the best and most business-driven IT solution. Therefore, it requires us to continuously evaluate your situation and the employees' conditions to work according to plan - i.e. deliver according to your business's ambitions.

IXX Building Blocks for optimal smartness and accelerated growth

Three central components: information structure, infrastructure and guiding to new ways of working

To help your company really work as smart, efficient and profitable as possible, we at IXX have developed our own unique model. The idea is based on the knowledge that when these three components are intertwined, a leverage effect occurs. We call it the "sweet spot" of IT delivery.

Information structure - is about identifying the working methods and structures that make departmental collaborations and employees more efficient. And what tools are there to make it possible.


Infrastructure- is about analyzing and creating the infrastructure that provides the conditions for the business processes and the new modern ways of working. Which in the most optimal way supports your company's strategy, future situation and profitability.


Guide to changed working methods - is about really changing user behavior so that every employee understands the purpose and sees the benefit of the solution - both from the perspective of the business and from the perspective of the individual. We work with behavior change and make it a fun and enjoyable process for everyone involved. We train, hold workshops, develop guidelines.


It can also be about creating creative campaigns that drive the change - and identifying and engaging change leaders.

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