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Empower individuals to work more autonomously, efficiently, and flexibly - everywhere

Digitization has changed the way we live and work. Today, there are technical solutions that enable new and freer ways of working. With the right technical tools, everyday life can be made easier and make your employees more flexible and efficient - in and outside the office. IXX offers a modern service management, with services and application tools that make it easier to be productive at work, and takes care of everything from hardware to adaptation and implementation of the new applications.


In the office or remotely

The technology should facilitate, support and simplify everyday life for users. Do your employees have effective work tools that simplify their everyday life and enable them to work closer together wherever they are?


IXX provides standardized or customized workplace solutions with central management and seamless integration into cloud services with quick access wherever you are.

Modern service management and user support

Improve your business

With cloud solutions and advanced applications, technology has moved closer to your business operations, and further away from technical comptence. Microsoft is constantly releasing new functionalities, which in practice means that you are constantly getting new potential to improve your business operations.


But keeping up to date is both expensive and time-consuming. The risk is that you miss out on taking advantage of a functionality that can have a positive effect on the performance of the entire business. The solution is to collaborate with a proactive and business-developing partner in technical competence who ensures that the right service is delivered at the right time.


IXX works methodically with service management to map your organization's business processes. We help you tailor functionality and user experience so that the services and platforms you use are adapted to your organization's processes and user needs on an individual level.

Applications for an autonomous and more productive working life

IT for people

Technology should empower employees to be as productive as possible, not constitute a limitation. Every employees have different needs and work styles, depending on their role and personality. Technology should be flexible enough to accommodate these differences.


IT should support people and help them work autonomously and efficiently on an individual level, while enabling processes that support the interests of your business. We provide safe concepts for the adaptation and implementation of new ways of working in Office 365 applications, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.

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